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It looks like tennis, sounds like ping pong and favours the same light-on-your-toes action of badminton. Ever wanted to try your hand at a game of Pickleball? Come join our drop-in Pickleball program at Lake Bonavista Community Association!

September 10th – June 28th

Please note: FREE drop in Pickleball April 10th 11am - 2pm.

No registration required!

Pricing and Schedule

Sundays Added!

Pickleball (Gym)



Drop-in Fee

Mon | Tues | Thurs

1PM – 3:30PM

$5/Members                    $6/Non-members


1:15PM – 3:45PM

$5/Members                    $6/Non-members

*new* Sundays


11:00Am – 1:00PM

$5/Members                    $6/Non-members

Please bring your own paddle, or you can rent for $1.00

Pickleball Clinics!

Working on bringing in more! check back at a later date!

Learn and/or improve your game of Pickleball with Maggie Verity, an IPTPA (International Pickleball Teachers Professional Association) Level II Certified Instructor. Maggie’s Bio is below.

Clinics are 3 hours in length to ensure all skills are covered with time for mentored/structured game play. Maximum 16 participants per session.

Maggie Verity: I am rated as a 4.5 player, and am a Level II IPTPA Pickleball Instructor. I’ve been teaching and mentoring pickleball for the past couple of years. Prior to discovering and embracing the very fun but challenging sport of pickleball I was a competitive level squash player and prior to that a competitive level badminton player. My enthusiasm for any pursuit I take on seems to eventually lead to my teaching it and I have enjoyed very positive feedback and results from the many and varied clinics, workshops and lessons I’ve taught throughout my life. I am passionate about the art of instructing, mentoring and encouraging others to learn new knowledge and skills in pickleball and also believe that participants should enjoy themselves and have fun while they are learning.


Introduction to Pickleball for those who have never played the game, or who have played less than 10 times.

In this clinic you will learn correct techniques and basic shots of Pickleball as well as the rules and scoring. You will also learn some effective drills.


For those who have taken an Intro Clinic and/or have played more than 10 times.

In this clinic, you will learn correct techniques, basic shots, some basic strategies and will start to put the game together. You will also learn some effective drills.


This clinic is for more advanced players who have been playing for at least one year.

In this clinic, you will begin with a technique check and then move on to cover advanced dinking shots, drop shots, when and how to drive the ball, different types of volleys, strategically working with your partner to create an effective team …… and drills!

Pricing and Schedule

Pickleball (Clinic Options)

Intro Novice

Tuesday Feb 25th 

1pm – 4pm

$30 / Free for members

Novice Plus

Thursday Feb 27th

1pm – 4pm

$30 / Free for members

Intermediate Advanced

Wednesday Feb 26th & Mar 6th

1pm – 4pm

$50 / Free for members

Please bring your own paddle, or you can rent for $1.00