Kids Art Class

A beginner’s art class where you will learn all the skills required to be a great artist! Learn the fundamentals of art and start creating masterpieces!

A $20 Art Kit is available at the checkout screen. Please note that the Art Kit is not mandatory, but supplies will be needed for the class.

Art Kit includes:
-A pad of plain drawing paper, 9″x12″, at least 50 pages
-Pencils set, must include 2b, 4b, 6b
-Erasers: kneaded eraser + White plastic eraser (Staedtler Mars Plastic erasers are great)
-Graphite stick (medium softness, ~4b)
-Pencil sharpener
-Fine point erasable marker (i.e. -regular dry-erase marker, any color)

No class on March 24th

Pricing and Schedule

Kids Art Class (Board Room)





$155 Members

$175 non-members